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Hi all, I'm Kerry!

At Kerry Howell Photography, LLC, I have built a personalized boutique style business with my passion for interior spaces and architecture. I experience so much joy when shooting a space on site. I like to use as much natural light as possible and get the composition just right through the lens to frame perfect shots with every click of the camera. 


I enjoy capturing moments with my camera as much as I like editing. After the shoot each raw image is given an enormous amount of attention. Pictures are individually hand-edited with high-end techniques that make photographs really come to life. The end result is what you see in my gallery!  


​Back in the day I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration and I have been a customer relationship specialist, executive assistant, sales rep, fulfillment manager, design consultant for custom built homes, and I was a licensed Realtor from 2013 - 2022. All those lines of work meshed together with my Canon camera and fancy editing techniques and created a photography business that turned into an LLC!

When I’m not driving around to different shoots you’ll find me running on nature trails with my son and taking a million pictures of both him and the beautiful outdoors. My little kiddo and photography are my two biggest loves

Contact me

Tel: 774-291-6444


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