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Cancellation Fees
-Rescheduling and cancellations must be made 2 days before our scheduled photo session or there will be a $150 fee to fairly compensate Kerry Howell Photography for committing to provide the services at the scheduled date and time and turning down other paying clients. 
-Canceling the day before the shoot or the same day does not allow enough time for a client on the waiting list to fill your spot as it is not enough time to get their property ready. 
-Same day cancellations will be invoiced for the full amount of a photo session. 
-Reasonable weather related cancellations consisting of snow, heavy rain, or fog covering the city view will not incur a cancellation fee. Cloudy days can NOT be rescheduled and clouds are actually better for the exterior of the property because there are no harsh shadows or sun glares on the house. (Blue sky replacements are always photoshopped in for free on exterior photos.)

The schedule is built around your exact location, your property size and services, and editing time has been set aside just for you. If you are booking a photo session please understand that there will always. be appointments before and after your session. Kerry Howell Photography takes great care and effort into scheduling and makes sure photo sessions start on time and always delivers high quality photos on time so please check in with your clients 2 - 3 days before our scheduled session to avoid last minute cancelations. 
There is a lot of time and effort that goes into scheduling a real estate photography session. The location, the travel time, time of day relating to traffic patterns, the size of the property, the services needed on-site, and setting aside the time for editing are considered when offering times and dates for booking.

-After scheduling you can not swap out the confirmed property address for a different property address. 
-Services booked can not be altered the day before or the day of the scheduled photo session. Example: If you book a floor plan and decide you don't want the floor plan the day of the shoot you will still be invoiced for the floor plan because the time has been scheduled for you and did not allow for another paying client to have that time. 

Payment and Copyright 
-Payment is due when the invoice is delivered with your photos.
-Payment is to license photos for short term marketing use and that is reflected in the price. 
-You do not own the photos and the images can not be given or sold to anyone. 
-Others can not have the photos for any reason including social media posts. 
-There is an option to buy licensing for a third party if you would like to gift them with the photo gallery.  

-Photography will begin at the time of the scheduled shoot in the condition the property is in upon arrival. No buffer time is scheduled to accommodate cleaning/staging/rearranging. The property will be photographed as is and the photo session will end at the scheduled end time. The time to get the property ready for photographs is before I arrive, not when I arrive. 
-We will begin with a tour of the property. Return trips requested due to areas missed that were not shown on the tour will have a fee.
-In order to provide a high level of satisfaction and quality of service no other service providers/ agents/ contractors/ etc. are permitted inside the property at the location on the date and time specified. 
-Please keep in mind landscapers/contractors/homeowners/ etc. and trucks can be seen from the inside of the property through the windows. 

Photo Turnaround Time 
Editing photos is a very time consuming process, especially for interiors. Each photo is hand edited one by one to color correct, brighten, and enhance the image to look best online and printed. I do not use batch editing or preset filters because each angle of each room has different lighting and properties that require individual attention. When it comes to edits there is no way to rush the process for consistent results. Below is the turnaround time for real estate photography.  


-Properties photographed on Monday will be delivered Tuesday evening. 
-Properties photographed on Tuesday will be delivered Wednesday evening. 
-Properties photographed on Wednesday will be delivered Thursday evening. 
-Properties photographed on Thursday and Friday will be delivered on Monday. 

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